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Battle Region introduces a new type of Pokemon card called “Sparkling Pokemon.” They are shiny Pokemon with “Sparkling” in their name. Since they are powerful Basic Pokemon, you can only include one in your deck.

Sparkling Pokemon have the special texture associated with secret rares. They also feature a new reverse holo pattern that looks like crosshatching. They use a new “K” rarity, which likely stands for their Japanese name Kagayaku.

The set will feature new Character Rares and Character Super Rares.

Battle Region will also debut a new reverse holo style featuring glittery Poke Balls:

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Great box.

Never bought from this site before this and have never opened a Japanese box either. Despite my scepticism, the product arrived undamaged and both the box and cards were both completely sealed.

My only qualm was with the delivery. Took two weeks to arrive - this was sort of expected as I selected the standard international delivery, taking 7-21 days - but the USPS tracking was all over the place and was very confusing. I know this is more a problem with USPS than the lads who run Poke-Collect, however it did make the experience a little less pleasant. Very much could have simply been due to the Queen's platinum jubilee causing interruptions, but who knows.

Nevertheless, I received my purchase and will likely be ordering again.

Andrew Burgener
Pokemon Battle Region

This was a good set and a Booster Box. I got some good cards out of it .

Jaya Goodson

Everything came on time, undamaged and sealed.

Shawn Webb

Packaging was great and had a lot of fun opening it

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