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Fantastic selection of cards. Even got some I needed for a couple decks I'm making.

Everything came on time, undamaged and sealed.

Ultra rare Japanese pack

I loved all the cards that came in and I also like the delivery!

got some of my best cards

buying from here again

perfect condition

buying from here again

Semi rigid top loaders work great!!!

They are perfect. Can’t wait to send in some cards for grading


Great box! Love the Pikachu V card

Random Full Art Card
Ryan Ignacio
Better than I expected!

I bought these cards because I wanted to expand my collection but with what was sent to me I was amazed at what I had received!

Sword & Shield Tyranitar V tin

Good packs, great pulls and a sweet Tyranitar promo card - don't sleep on this tin!

Poke Collect semi-rigid card holders

These card holders do their job! Would reccomend! Am recommending!


Excellent condition very happy with my purchase on path to creating a master set :)

Great product

Had some great pulls from my order of Chilling Reign packs; order came quick and product was as expected.

Premium Mystery Pack
Austin Toops
Great Pack!

Love the packs and hope to get more soon!


Amazing item pulled great cards!

Good Enough

These arent the most heavy duty BUT if you're looking for extra protection, these are great! They have a lot of room, so most trading cards will fit.

Got the packs

Excited that they had evolving skies still when they are so hard to find everywhere else.

Awesome Pack!

Every month; or every couple weeks, I buy all the packs they have to offer. Yes, sometimes I get cards I already own, but I love the mystery behind the packs.

perfect condition, perfect for people's sealed collections.

How Many Packs?

How many packs are in the box?

V God Pack
V God pack

I got some sweet pulls. I would definitely buy again worth every cent

VMAX God Pack
Liam Pollen-Eitland

Havent received yet.

Happy Customer

I was very pleased with the cards I received in the Pokemon Holo V pack. I picked up my order at the store.


Great. Thank u

Premium Collection (Lucario VSTAR)